about GIS

A GIS (geographical information system) captures, stores, analyses, manages, and presents data that is linked to location. It could be considered to as a hybrid between graphical software (like AutoCAD) and database software (like MS Access).

A GIS system consists of two parts;
1. GIS data Map data, which is held in graphical form and used for spatial analysis, and,
Attribute data, which is in tabular form and used for quantitive analysis.
2. GIS Software Which is used to manage the data and perform any analysis functions.

Thirty years ago GIS was purely used for military applications, though slowly it became popular in academic circles and utilities. Today, due to the greater availability of affordable software and data, GIS is used across all business sectors. In Ireland GIS is extensively used by local authorities, utilities, insurers, financial institutions, market analysts, land managers and engineers.

GIS is increasingly moving into the mainstream. With the advent of Google earth and increased availability of GPS receivers, the public are aware of geographic information and how it can benefit their personal and business lives.

Geodata.ie provides GIS data for companies who have GIS systems, or need to answer questions in relation to the distribution of their assets or customers.

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